Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, August 31, 1987

Professional Experience: 

Total 31 Years and at NITK 25 years


Contact Details


chsn58 [at]
chsn58 [at]


+91-824- 2473372


Academic Background

1. Ph.D Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1999
2. M.Tech, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, 1987
3. B.E (Mining Enginering), Osmania University, Kothegudem, A.P., 1980

Areas of Interest

1. Rock Drilling
2. Mine Planning
3. Rock Mechanics

Significant Projects

1. Co-Investigator; Condition Monitoring and Performance Evaluation of Long wall Powered Supports (INR 10 Lakhs) -Sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India, 2000-2003.
2. Co-Investigator; Evaluation, Design and Cost Analysis of Illumination system in Surface Mine Projects (INR 6.65 Lakhs) -Sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India, 2002-2005.
3. Principal Investigator; Development of Bio-Diesel and its Application in Mining Machinery Working in Surface Mines (INR 1.46 Lakhs) -Sponsored by M/s Madras Cements Limited, 2003-2006.
4. Co-Investigator; Dust Modeling in Open-cast Coal Mines (INR 77.04 Lakhs) -Sponsored by Coal S & T, Govt. of India, 2011-2014.
5. Principal Investigator; Development and Characterizations of Advanced Solar Cell (INR 30 Lakhs) -Sponsored by VGST, Govt. of Karnataka, Department Of Information Technology, Biotechnology And Science &Technology, 2017-2020 (Ongoing).
6. Co-Investigator: Application of Nano Membrane Technologies to purify Mine Waste Water (INR 5 Lakhs)- Sponsored by Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India, 2019.

Supervision of Ph.D

1. Ph.D completed: 09
2. Ph.D ongoing: 09

Text Books: 


Funded Projects (Ongoing): 

Significant Publications

1. Raghavan, V., and Ch SN Murthy. "Prediction of cuttability from rock cutting resistance." Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 118.3 (2018): 321-329.
2. Weibull distribution analysis Bala, R.J., Govinda, R.M., Murthy, C.S.N. "Reliability analysis and failure rate evaluation of load haul dump machines using Weibull distribution analysis". Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems. 2018. 5(2), pp. 116-122
3. Kumar, Tripathi Abhishek, Ch SN Murthy, and Aruna Mangalpady. "Performance analysis of PV panel under varying surface temperature." MATEC Web of Conferences. Vol. 144. EDP Sciences, 2018.
4. Harish Kumar N, S., R. P. Choudhary, and Ch SN Murthy. "Failure rate and reliability of the KOMATSU hydraulic excavator in surface limestone mine." American Institute of Physics Conference Series. Vol. 1943. No. 2. 2018.
5. Kumar, S. Vijay, Ch SN Murthy, and B. M. Kunar. "Effect of thermal response on physical properties during drilling operations-A case study." Materials Today: Proceedings 5.2 (2018): 7404-7409.
6. Tripathi, Abhishek Kumar, M. Aruna, and Ch SN Murthy. "Performance of a PV panel under different shading strengths." International Journal of Ambient Energy (2017): 1-6.
7. Tripathi, Abhishek Kumar, M. Aruna, and Ch SN Murthy. "Output power loss of photovoltaic panel due to dust and temperature." International Journal of Renewable Energy Research 7.1 (2017): 439-442.
8. Moger, Ganapathi D., Ch SN Murthy, and Udaykumar R. Yaragatti. "Experimental, simulation and a case study on electrical energy consumption in mine drive haulage system." Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICPACE), 2015 International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.
43. Balla Kalyan, Hemanth Reddy A, Ch.S.N.Murthy( 2014). “In-Pit Crushing and Conveying Systems”. Procs of National seminar on “Recent Trends in Mechanised Mining” organized by Kothagudem School of Mines.
46. Balla Kalyan, Hemanth Reddy A, Ch.S.N.Murthy( 2014). “Automation in Mining - Health and Safety Benefits” Procs of National Seminar on “Miners Health”, February-2015.
9. Vardhan, Harsha, and Ch SN Murthy. "An experimental investigation of jack hammer drill noise with special emphasis on drilling in rocks of different compressive strengths." Noise control engineering journal 55.3 (2007): 282-293.
10. Khare, Saurabh, et al. "Multiple seam mining: a critical review." Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels 54.12 (2006): 327-329.
11. Ghose, A. K., and C. S. N. Murthy. "Drilling of roof bolt holes-problems in Indian coal measure rocks." (1988).
12. Murthy, Ch. S. N., Surendranathan, A. O. R. Puthalath, and Imran Hussian, M. (2013). “ Acid Mine Drainage and its Impacts on the Mining Environment and Remedial measures- An overview ” The Indian Mining & Engineering journal, 6-12,vol 52(05) January.
13. Ch. S.N.Murthy, Manjunatha, Raja S., B .Kalyan, Modi Jemish Kumar and Bharath Kumar A Y(2013).,” Method and Monitoring of Yield Pillar”. Procs of Geominetech Symposium (ENTMS 2013) on New Equipment, New Technology_Management and Safety in Mines and Mineral based Industries, Vol.II.No.2, 127-133.
14. Ch. S.N.Murthy, Raja S., B .Kalyan, Modi Jemish Kumar and Bharath Kumar A Y(2013).,” Maintenance Engineering in Mining” Mining Engineering Journal, Vol.55(1), 24-28.
15. Ch.S.N.Murthy, M. Aruna, & N. Lakshmipathy, (2014): “Design and Development of Optimum Lighting parameters for Haul Roads in Surface coal Mines using MATLAB Software Program - A Case Study”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, India., Vol. 3, Issue 6, june 2014, pp 10101-10112.
16. Ch.S.N.Murthy, M. Aruna, & N. Lakshmipathy, (2014): “Problems Encountered in the Types of Lighting Systems Generally Used in Surface Mining Projects A Case Study.”, The International Journal of Engineering And Science. Vol.3 Issue: 9, September 2014 pp 61-72.


Funded Projects (Completed): 


1. SRG- Information Technology Award given by MEAI- Hyderabad for 2015-16.

M.Tech Students (Ongoing): 


Ph.D Students (Completed): 


Ph.D Students (Ongoing): 


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